Psych Head API

The package include several functions that are distributed along a certain architecture.


This part is related to data analysis and plotting such as psychometric functions, p50’s and Probit analysis.

Compute the psychometric function for one parameter based on a 2AFC. The parameters has to be the first column. The answer on the second column.
[param good_ans_perc] = ComputePsychFunc(data, answer_comp)
Plot the psychometric function for the intensity experiment.
[figure_handle p50] = LauraPlot(filename)
Curve fitting using a probit analysis.
[fitlogsignal, prob_perc, p50, logsignal, n, p75, p84, chi_sq, rsq, D] = ProbitFit(signal, pcCorrent, numstim)
Curve fitting using a probit analysis with a less verbose output.
[figure, p50, p75, p84, ch_sq, Rsq, D] = ProbitStripped(signal, pcCorrect, numstim, isPlot, asymptotes)